Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 6

You did it!
I love how it turned out.
Here is a preview if you'd like to take a look. (There are two sections, make sure you look at the second one too).

Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 4

So...You guys have been amazing!
We are almost completely done (will be after today) Wooot!

There are just a couple of little final clean-up things I'd like you guys to do. See below:

Ella: Nice job on Kid Fair
Sydney: This looks nice. How about a caption that explains why there's food in some of the pictures. And also a caption to explain the graphs that people are looking at?
Ashton: Big Lake-I think maybe you shared the wrong version with me. This one looks exactly the same as last week's (the gutter isn't fixed) Will you send me the newer version? Thanks.
Reiner: Confluence -I LOVE it. Nice picture choices and really fun captions. Nice job!
Emma: Portlandia -This looks really nice. I feel like you have room for just one more small photo on your right hand page. Also…if you name one of the groups Ethyn's pod, you should probably name the rest so it makes sense…?
McKenzie: Electives -I love the pictures you chose. I'm wondering if it might be more fun to put our yearbook photo at the end (or beginning) of the book instead on an author's page or something…let's chat about this. Also, I think you could use one or two more photos…do you have any other good ones you wish you could use?
LexiKynzie: Tumalo- I like your pages. Can you add some captions that tell us what people are dressed as? Is it 80's day or halloween or twins day, etc. The Twinzies caption tells us that one, but how about the others?
Vinna: After School--you kind of rocked this page! Add a caption that tells us what your bottom right pictures are (they're from the Summer Shakespeare trip), and your green team photos show more green than team…are there any more pics with people?
Jaide: 6th Grade page. Nice picture choices. Nice captions on the left. Put similar captions on the right that tell us what they are doing…weighing gummy bears, etc.
Kate & Maya: You still need a couple more pictures. Look in the other folders and find ones with people looking at the camera.
Kiana: Dance page looks fine. Get Bike-to-School pics on today.
Liam: Warm Springs. This looks great! Nice choice on the border for this page, and nice captions! Good work.

Today we'll have one crew work on getting pictures of staff and teachers while another crew creates Posters to advertise our yearbook.

Info for the Posters:
Click Here for graphics, backgrounds and fonts you can use to make your Poster
Poster should include:
Yearbooks for Sale
$10 each
We will be having a yearbook signing party the last day of school.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 3

Hi Team.
Your pages are looking GREAT! Maybe next week, if a bunch of you finish up today, we can do a Preview in class of how the book will look!

You all worked hard! Here is some feedback on what you accomplished last week (2 weeks ago). 
Kiani: I like the dance photos you've chosen. You'll probably need fewer dance photos, because you have to fit the dance AND Bike to school on your page. Let me know if you need help or a partner...and try to finish up today!

Vinna: 7b: Looks great. Thanks! / After School Fun: Loving this so far! Questions: Can you switch one or two green team photos for ones with people AND recycle buckets? People love to see themselves in the yearbook. Can you crop any of the group photos tighter so we can see people better? Do you want any different sizes or shapes? How about fun captions?

Ella: 6b looks great. Thanks! Kid Fair: Do you have photos picked? Can you get most of this done today do you think?

Reiner: I like your photo choices. Start placing them (It's probably easiest to remove the frames already there and add your own frames to the photos you have. Just delete the old photos and drag your photos up then crop, etc. Add captions? Can you finish this today?

Ashton & Jaide: I LIKE it. You've got some gutter issues though…we'll talk about gutters and margins at the beginning of class, and then you can make adjustments.

McKenzie & Maddie: Nice photo choices. Are you going to add a space for yearbook elective…the pics are on the [] zip drive.

Sydney: I like your photos. Place and crop them and also, you should add interesting or funny captions so we know what you're doing.

Kate & Maya: Hey, this looks nice! One suggestion, everyone is looking down in all your photos. Can you add (or replace) a couple with people looking at the camera and/or smiling. It will make your page more engaging.

Emma: 6a and 8b. Looks good. Thanks! What's next?

Liam:8a Looks good. Thanks! What's next?

Maddie: 7a Looks good. Thanks! What's next?

Kynzie & Lexi: Let's get on a different computer and see if we can get Spirit week finished Today! k?

Next up:
The pages we have left to do are:
  • 6th Grade Fun: Get the Template Here. Do we have enough photos? If not, can you go take any right now of 6th graders having fun OR Can you find any in the other school events?
  • Portland Trip: Get the Template Here. We need to track down these photos and get them on a zip drive…Ask Phoebe or Jennifer or Amy?
  • Ryan Ranch / Warm Springs: Get the Template Here. We can start on Ryan Ranch, but someone needs to track down Warm springs pics (I think from Laurie).
  • Rubbish Renewed OR 8th Grade Fun (Maybe Banff?): To do this page we'll need to track down photos from Amy or Jennifer. I don't have a template yet so go ahead and start building on a plain page or one of the previous template pages. We can change a background color...what color would you suggest? 

If you're finished with your work from last week, pic a job from the list above and let me know you'd like to try getting those things done. Thanks!