Thursday, April 10, 2014

Template: Student Photo Pages

You'll need a Template, photos, and names.
I'll be going over how to build these pages once everyone is set (and there are a couple of good tricks you'll want to know), so download your template, find your page and hold tight

Here is the Template you need:

1. Click on the link. It takes you to a Google Doc
2. Download the Google doc to your desktop
3. Double click to open it or open it from the Pages>File Menu
4. Choose the page you need and delete the others (ask me how if you don't know)
5. When you have finished your work for the day be SURE to save your finished document to your own Google account and share it with me!

Here is a link to the student photos you'll need (in no particular order)

And here are the class lists.

Just copy and paste the names in alphabetical order...
but DON'T do a regular Paste!
1.Click on the spot where you want the name.
2. Right click (Command Click on Mac) and then choose "Paste and Match Style" so you won't have to fix the font and size!

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